Mats come standard in bright gold or you may choose silver or pearl tones.  For a review of sizes/dimensions scroll to the bottom of this page.

Case Only or Add Mat and Cover Glass
Mat design
Mat Color
Shipping Deadline/Other Notes

Traditional and Modern Sizes Available from Modern Day Antqiue:


Note all sizes are nominal, actual sizes vary a fraction of an inch. Some designs within the same size vary by 1-2mm


Whole Plate 8.5”x6.5”


1/2 Plate 5.5”x4.25”


1/4 Plate 4.25”x3.25”

1/6 Plate 3.25”x2.75”

1/9 Plate 2.5”x2”

1/16 Plate 1.625”x1.375”